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Protecting Our Beach Dunes

Beach Dune Restoration and Dune Health

As I reminisce on the year since our area was devastated by Hurricane Ian, I am reminded of the absolute power of Mother Nature.  So much of Florida was destroyed–our own area saw weeks of homes under water and our neighbor’s belongings in the street.  We all have to start over-and most of us are still in recovery mode.

This brings to mind the importance of our dunes’ health.  Let’s look at just how important our dunes are.  With so much coastal development, our dunes provide a natural coastal protection against storm surge and high waves helping to prevent – ar at least reduce – flooding and structural damage.  This protection encompasses all of us, not just those fortunate enough to live on the ocean front.

As you drive along the beaches in Volusia County, you see so many homes built what seems to be right at the edge of those dunes.  Areas of this nature need major reconstruction and our county has been working on plans to complete these restorations.  It is a high cost for all involved, and I often wonder if the risk is worth the view.

Our beach dunes are a critical nesting place for birds and sea turtles and provide a habitat for many creatures.  Dunes are stabilized by plant roots and work to protect our coastline.  A poorly completed dune project can actually kill native species and accelerate further erosion.

We are proud to offer native vegetation dune restoration in compliance with city and county ordinances and work closely with IFAS to ensure our materials are native and effective stabilizers.

With climate change and the threat of ever-increasing hurricane and storm strength, now is the time to look at the health of our dunes for the health of the whole community.

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