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5 Reasons to Choose Exotic Designs Landscape Services:

1) We have developed dependable supplier relationships

Our supplier relationships are the most reliable distributors and with the highest quality materials. We are central Florida’s best value for licensed creative landscape designers/contractors, and use only certified “grade A” quality landscape plants and trees. Additionally, with your permission, our company proudly display’s our non-intrusive logo on every landscape installation we complete.  For the reason that you’ll know, “We don’t just stand behind our services – we stand in front of it”! 

Check out our list of qualifications and memberships on our services page.

2) Personally vested in the conservation and preservation of Florida resources

As native Floridians, this family-owned and operated enterprise is personally vested in the preservation of Florida’s water quality and conservation. Our founder considers the impact of long-term maintenance and water usage to keep both to a minimum.

Most importantly for us to consider in a Florida landscape is to plant ornamentals and trees suited for the correct environment.  This is because it saves you unnecessary fertilization and watering (or over-watering). Likewise, your landscape design should always be in harmony with the varying requirements for sun, water and growth pattern. Every plant should be grouped with material of similar requirements. More importantly, this will maximize the long term effect of the design. Fact is irrigation zones should allocate proper water distribution per plant zones requirements. As a result, provide an optimum environment similar to the plants natural growing habitat. Your landscape will thrive while maintaining healthy growth with minimum use of fertilizer.

As stated in the “Florida-Friendly” landscape principles, “the right plant in the right place”.

3) Creative landscape designers should consider the long term effect

Newly Designed landscapes with a lot of pretty colors and new mulch always look fabulous new. While in contrast,  what is your maintenance consideration one year from now?

Our designers carefully craft based on your soil type and pH, land elevation, and light exposure. Plants are chosen for both their beauty, function and also growth patterns. Our landscape designers also consider how plants and ornamentals are grouped based on height, color, sun/shade tolerance, and the biggest as  mentioned previously  – watering requirements. Consequently, your not wasting resources and money . Most noteworthy, your landscape will  look exceptional for years to come and should have minimum maintenance – not a constant chore.

4) Exotic Designs Landscape Services uses state-of-the-art landscape design software

EDLS designers use state-of-the-art software to provide landscape designs you can see! Our ability to show you the actual materials being recommended with no guess work required, gives you a visual picture. As a result, will make it easy for you to see your dream home come to life as a completed landscape. Likewise, we are able to suggest alternative landscape variations while reviewing ideas. All done on the computer – in the comfort of your own home. Your dream landscape design is just that easy.  

5) "Built to last" is far from a catch phrase

Most noteworthy, but certainly just as important, the owners use “Built to last” as not just a nice catch phrase. Landscape projects should do better than pass minimum approval. Our landscaping designs will be able to withstand a bit of a drought. Less water, less fertilizer, and less time maintenance means more of a savings and time for you. 

Finally, you will get great service , get grade “A” Made in the USA products and still be provide you the best available value!

Call to speak with our helpful representatives today and let us design your Florida Friendly Landscape. You will be glad you did!

The EDLS team.

Beautifying Florida one property at a time!

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